Terror State of Loving You

by Lucas

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The second release from Lucas. Inspired by the shoegaze elements of M83 and the pop compositions of Rufus Wainwright. The title track and single, Terror State of Loving You, appears second on the EP, and it exemplifies the new direction Lucas has taken.


released November 3, 2012

All songs played, sung, mixed, and mastered by Lucas Harris. All songs written by Lucas Harris except for Caffeine Shakes and Bloodshot Eyes which was written by Rebecca Flore. Artwork by Shannon Mitchell. Special thanks to Rebecca Flore, Joey Hribar, Alex Sobel, R. Stevens Harris, Daron DiSabato, Mike Stokes, Josiah DePasso, Jake Lasely, Randall, and Cilla



all rights reserved


Lucas Columbus, Ohio

Lucas Harris is an artist based in Columbus, Ohio. He currently plays in an ambient, alt rock band called...

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Track Name: Caffeine Shakes and Bloodshot Eyes
I swear I'm not the one to fear when they tell you all these stories end the same
Lay down your head beside me here and just know that even history can change

Don't look beyond these walls
Stop digging through old notebooks
Stop searching for old numbers now

Everything's been laid out clear
Every word you want to hear
Will pour like running water from my mouth


I've gotten good at running
At any sign of doubt
But with you I wanna stay

Put off the fear we'll fall apart
Forget the ending from the start
And I will try to do the same


It's hard to dream about you
When I can't fall asleep
All caffeine shakes and bloodshot eyes

The timing's off but I can't stop
I can't forget you when I ought to
Let you off or cut you down to size

Track Name: Terror State of Loving You
You're a diamond caked in the sand
I could crush you with my hands
I can feel you tearin' away
A chameleon fakin'

I'd extend my reach
But all my life I've been in love
Oh, the terror state of loving you
I'm afraid if I move I'll push you away

Dreaming eyes are only meant for me
Your eyes are only meant for me

If it's confidence you want
or commotion coming from the heart
I can tell you're better than me
and it scares me

I'd extend my reach
But all my life I've been in love
Oh, the terror state of loving you
I'm afraid if I move I'll push you away
And it scares me
Track Name: Yet Another Idea
I'm calming it down
I'm taking it slow
I'm makin' amends with you real fast

I'm tossin' away
All the old
Ideas of the Past

I'm fallin' asleep
I'm fallin' hard
For whatever makes me feel alive

I'm cutting you loose
I'm letting you go
I'm in control

It's easy to lie and say we're friends
But it doesn't mean anything
Just place it up on my windowsill
As yet another idea
Track Name: Lets Forget It
Somebody asked to be alone
Somebody lost their mind

Somebody tried to fix it all
Somebody lost their mind

Over her life she went blind
She moaned and her guy made a vowel,

Forget the fools and all their lies, cause I love you girl
Forget the way we used to lie, cause I love you girl
Lets Forget It